My Aunt’s House is My New Project

Actually she is my great aunt, although I always called her Auntie Mae. She and my uncle used to own a little grocery store and at one point they lived in an apartment above it, then they let one of their daughters and her family have that. At any rate the house is in a nice neighborhood, the major problem is that I need to find someone to do air conditioning installation in Brooklyn, either that or I shall have to find someone as tough as she was in regard to that. The place is built the way that they built homes before they had air conditioning and that is how my Aunt Mae would use it as well. There are porches on the front and the back, really big ones with porch swings and rocking chairs. I would visit her when I was a kid and they would sit out front until the sun made them go around to the back or vice versa. They never even thought about getting air conditioning, and obviously you only need it for a few months per year in New York.

Of course you know that you are never going to find a buyer that is going to settle for a place that does not have air conditioning. It is not a time when people were accustomed to simply dealing with the heat. When I was a kid we would go down in the basement when it was too hot in the rest of the house, but then we got air conditioning and that was really awesome. Obviously I need to think about how much all of the things that I need to do are going to cost and figure out how they fit in with the big puzzle. You want to be sure that you get back all that you put in.